Oasis usually turns out in a total pushing warfare, where the post imperial strength of your civs is capital. So what to do if you have a Viking and a Briton on your team? Sit in a corner and cry? Or sit in a corner and win the game?


  • Game Type: Random Map
  • Map: Oasis
  • Players: [MIB]RockLee + CSE_AiNT + L_Clan_Alive + [EoK]Fa7CaO vs _Mars_ + SilentPikLee + ImpaledChrist + SlipKn0T_Blood
  • Nicks in game: [MIB]RockLee + CSE_AiNT + L_Clan_Alive + [EoK]Fa7CaO vs _Mars_ + SilentPikLee + ImpaledChrist + SlipKn0T_Blood
  • Civs: Persians + Goths + Vikings + Britons vs Spanish + Celts + Saracens + Teutons

War Story

This game is really heavy and I remember I never watched it till the end on my old computer because it went slow as hell. So if your computer is pre-2005, you might need to show off some patience, or just read this war story!

The game starts out quite normal with all players walling off and booming. Something Alive’s team would regret later on because they had clearly inferior civs. But a Viking on the team (a 2400 for that matter) also guarantees a faster boom and faster attack. So despite having Vikings + Goths vs Teutons + Spanish on their site, they managed to push quite far. This is because they had the momentum: the Teuton and the Spaniard constantly had to rebuild their economy and thus could never field their killer combination. But with time comes justice and eventually the Hispanic-Allemanic combination beat back the barbarians. Alive saw this coming and promptly started to build a wonder. But oasis has this seldom used feature: an oasis. So with some SO and a bunch of cannons, SlipKn0T_Blood cut a way through the oasis and levelled the wonder right in time. No Valhalla for Alive and thus their team had to come up with another solution while they were slowly being pushed back on both sides. So [EoK]Fa7CaO started to build a wonder in the corner of the map. Things started to go downhill very fast for their team now and both sides couldn’t keep fighting the superior civs.

Or in other words: time to wall the wonder! [EoK]Fa7CaO didn’t take this command lightly and at its maximum extension, the wall was 20 layers thick. Enough to fill your screen with nothing but bricks and mortar. CSE_AiNT resigned in the meanwhile and instead of trying to slow down the enemy he left Alive alone against 2 manic players. He soon hit a population of 25 and could only hope for a miracle.

20 cannons, 5 trebuchets, siege onagers and siege rams soon came at the walls and started to dig their way in. The time was slowly ticking away and at only 10 years left, the first trebuchet bolt hit the Cathedral of the former British empire. On the other side, the rams and onagers tried to cut their way in too but they were at the thickest side, and thus never made it to the wonder.

Long story short: the timer went to 0 and Alive’s team brought the victory back home with only 100 units left alive on their side (mainly walled in villagers and idle tradecarts).

The wonderwall on oasis did what it was supposed to do. Because maybe, you’re gonna be the one that saves me.

Recorded Game


Written by Cysion

  • Regicide

    At last I saw it until a the end, really gg;

    Victory standard on top ! :) ^^

  • FrozzenFlame

    That gives u allot to think ,in fact i really learned something from that.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vtulFRilrY yampi

    Mams + Huss + SO from Sara would have won the game.

  • Wurstigkeit

    Simply a classic.
    But just an aside, I never understood why the Saracen player massed CAs and never seemed to want to abandon them even though he faces paladins that have +2 against all archers and massed foot archers that simply have the longest range in the game

    • DMZ Regicide

      hah I’m at 1:03′ of game. The persian who is facing saracen didn’t make elephants. he has 171 vils (whose 77 trade carts). lol. I would just say CA are good in that case.

      • Wurstigkeit

        yea, it’s also kinda interesting to note that the persian didn’t go ellies even though (1.) he’s not short of castles and (2.) he’s got longbows on his side

        • Wurstigkeit

          omg, can’t believe I missed the fact that the persian player got only 1 castle left like after the first hour. 11 Maybe that’s why there wasn’t a dumbo flood?