You might remember the Boxing article where pro players managed to wall off the armies of the enemy and secure victory. But let’s be honest, what L_Clan_Chris and _RiuT_ do in these recorded games is sheer amateurism compared to what these guys have in store. Time to wall off your whole existence!


  • Game Type: Random Map
  • Map: Arabia
  • Players: AA_Premium_ vs _47BC_VniVdiVci
  • Nicks in game: Premium4life vs _47BC_VniVdiVci
  • Civs: Huns vs Mongols

War Story

An old game back from the Zone times. Premium4life is an old German player, still widely known in the German community. And right so!

The game starts out like no other, with immediate loom and instant forward villagers. Indeed, Premium felt nothing for the traditional Arabia game and decided to twist and turn everything around a bit. He had very bad luck with his forward villagers and lost some against enemy scout and hungry wolves. But he managed to do what he wanted: wall off the enemy. VniVdiVci struggled inside his box and tried to break out, but Premium aged up just in time to fortify the box with stone walls and towers. VniVdiVci kept trying to break out with onagers now but once more Premium managed to stay a step ahead. He made castles around his box and toyed around with his trapped prey.

Premium managed to get to the imperial age with a total suicide economy and acquired some trebuchets. With stones coming out of the sky, VniVdiVci offered his resignation.


The download has a second recorded game with more walling goodness, this time between two Chinese players. More thrilling since the prey actually manages to escape out of his cage, curious how it ends? Or even better, here’s a commented video of the latter!

Recorded Game


Written by Cysion

  • AlKhamis
  • Alexius

    So what’s the solution vs. such aggressive prusher?
    Making radiating palisade “rays”, so to be able to sneak out, braking them, when it’s time?

    • Skanderbeg

      vill fight and drush?

      • Alexius

        Do you think the Spanish would be better at such Prush – for their faster building, or the Huns still have bonus, for they needn’t build houses?

  • Chaotic

    Hilarious. Just Hilarious. :D

  • Landsknetch

    I used this tactic before with my friend (in 2 v 2) and forced a guy to resign, soon the other guy quitted as well, wonder how that game would turn out, just toying with them (LOL)

  • FrozzenFlame

    Really changed my view on age of empires.Amazing

  • Andy01

    this really is a game to make you laugh. Couldn’t have thought of what a prush was but its good watch anyway.

  • Jaraldo

    I like the chinese guys forward alot better(safer and still at a decent time), just didn’t like how close he walled his enemy in 11. I did like how he actually had an army though instead of just making castles everywhere. All premiums enemy had to do was make a dock or even just keep that side on the edge of pond free and he could be free :/…oh well :)

  • MrDanish177

    Haha, that was awesome! I couldn’t stop thinking about what the ‘p’ in ‘prushing’ was. I thought it was ‘palisade rush’ or something, but then it turned out to be ‘premium rush’ lol.