Ram Rescue


I wish I would stumble upon a ram rush record one day, but that’s just wishful thinking. This one is getting close though!


  • Game Type: Random Map
  • Map: Arena
  • Players: RoR_xTeRRoRx_ vs Vile
  • Nicks in game: RoR_xTeRRoRx_ vs Vile
  • Civs: Koreans vs Turks

War Story

Turks vs Koreans seems like the ultimate Imperial showdown, but luckily both civs have a plethora of rushes to choose from. Vile took the initiative and went forward. He could do this nearly untroubled since he killed Terror’s scout after only 5 minutes. Both knew however that Terror’s map was extremely bad: no “backyard”, all mines relatively forward and 3 long walls that could be busted open. Vile thus went for a castle drop and made janissaries for some power raiding. Terror responded immediately with a castle drop of his own and refuted Vile’s first assault. He made a petard though and quickly busted in on another place. Right at Terror’s main gold pile. Since janissaries outrange town centers and mangonels, this section was cleared out quite fast.

Vile now aimed for the imperial age to grant access to the full Turkish gunpowder arsenal but Terror was brewing a perfume to which Turks are highly allergic: rams. Once guns are aiming at a ram, they’re stuck there for at least 175 shots. And once the rams were unleashed, the story was over quickly for Vile. In a few minutes, the ram express accompanied by a few war wagons steam rolled 2 castles and a bunch of Turkish guns.

At this point, Terror made a mistake though, that sure would’ve gone punished on higher levels: he decided not to persist his attack, even though Vile had not a single unit to defend himself nor a suitable economy to make one. Terror went to imp and deployed the full strength of the Korean army with halberdiers, siege onagers and rams. Even though he could’ve finished it earlier, he still won thanks to this golden combo.

Recorded Game


Video Commentary

Written by Cysion

  • DMZ Regicide

    hahaha Blue didnt raid enough.
    Some players seems want to let a chance to their ennemy. Thus was blue, camping on same place ( his attack was very static) and having a wheezy eco developpement.