Monk Madness


Could you say that again, I didn’t understand you? “Wololo” you say?


  • Game Type: Random Map
  • Map: Arena
  • Players: _DauT_ vs Tim_
  • Nicks in game: [Viper]_DauT_ vs [CSC]Tim_
  • Civs: Spanish vs Saracens

War Story

Both players got awesome monkcivs so you can call the following match a re-enactment of the Reconquista. You could also notice how perfect their buildups were on the simultanious aging times. Since the rushes were quite obvious, the key technology was atonement. This technology is needed if you want to convert enemy monks and that’s exactly what happened. To extreme extents even. The monk micro game was a very close match, at one point Daut seemed to be winning and a few seconds later Tim was in the lead again. This quickly changed when Daut imped. It seemed to me that he did this for a crucial upgrade to his monks, “block printing” which increases the old men’s range with 3 tiles. This would render Tim chanceless in the monkwar. And so it happened. Tim lost all his monks and was forced to withdraw. But since Daut spent all his resources on aging so fast, he was now behind economically, a problem Tim did not face. Daut went aggressive with his monks now and sent them forward with some conquistadors, mangonels and trebs. But although this combination was good, counterwise, he had one big weakness: arbalests. Monks don’t stand a chance against these imperial archers and mangonels can be taken out with a single volley too. So after a short battle, Daut was forced to withdraw again. Daut now went elite conquistadors but he couldn’t bring up a sizeable force to knock down the hordes of Saracen archers and skirmishers. Daut was also severly lacking siege so with some extreme caslte pushing from Tim (3-4 castles towards Daut’s economical center) the Spaniards were forced to resign.

Recorded Game


Written by Cysion

  • TheMrAgeOfEmpires
    • tHe_VaGaBonD

      not available anymore

  • greenwolf

    most deadly arena i seen was myst_iori vs cna_conqueros – hualian cup (monk rush vs fi)

    once i lost vs a noob who did monks
    he did atonement before sanctity , fervor

    real rec looks like resigned game (both monks standing near walls)