Bad Neighbour


Hate it when your neighbour puts his music too loud? Be happy he doesn’t shoot arrows through the windows!


  • Game Type: Random Map
  • Map: Nomad
  • Players: JorDan_23 vs KotB| FuTuRe
  • Nicks in game: RuFF_JorDan_23 vs KotB| FuTuRe
  • Civs: Goths vs Huns

War Story

The biggest risk on nomad games is being too close to your enemy and not noticing it early enough. But what happens when you’re so close you’re douching each other right from the start? This happened here and it was just damn funny to see a top player die after only 15 minutes on a nomad map. Record includes: height advantage, no fishing and villager rush in dark age. How can you not love this one?

Recorded Game


Written by Cysion

  • DMZ Regicide


    Is the range of arrows increased by firing from a hill?

    It seems that Jordan can’t reach ennemie’s TC

    • Cysion

      Nah, Jordan could reach his enemy’s TC too. Range doesn’t increase with hill advantage, but damage does.

      So even if Jordan would engage in the TC fight, he already had a big hill disadvantage.

      • pocpoc

        Actually one arrow from Future’s TC did 5 dmg to Jordan’s TC and one arrow from Jordan’s TC did 5 dmg to Future’s TC you can see it during the record..

        so Jordan could have win if he put all his vils directly in his TC but then again as he had one out building a dock he was one vil short

  • i dont believe in “no villager r

    its a gamble , so its allowed
    & ill delete buildings except front gates & towers in cba when required ..11