Skirmisher Solo


Going just one unit all game long? Even knights and elite huskarls don’t stand up against hordes of skirmishers!


  • Game Type: Random Map
  • Map: Arabia
  • Players: _DauT_ + Peel vs ChiChri + Narya
  • Nicks in game: CsI_Daut_ + training4wcl6 vs ArgoNaut_Chico + 36CrazyFists
  • Civs: Byzantines + Franks vs Turks + Goths

War Story

You probably remember the first times you played Age of Empires 2, and when looking at the tech tree you probably thought “damn, Byzantines are the best civ because they have almost every unit”. Well, Daut showed that you only need one unit from the whole techtree and that’s the skirmisher!

The game started out with some traditional flushing, Chichri going scouts and archers while Daut went all out on skirmishers. And after winning the first battle, where he surprisingly beat all scouts, Chrichi was in trouble already. He planned to go on archers and skirmishers but that’s a lost game against Byzantines. But Daut stayed a bit on defense and didn’t push Chichri too much, who could go to the castle age alongside all other players. Daut wasn’t in the castle age yet though because he kept making huge amounts of skirmishers. But once he had a full army of them he castled anyways. Braced for the first set of knights. Knights tear skirmishers apart without doubt, but they can’t tear 50 of them apart without an effort! The game went on and the unevitable happened, two little groups of armored knights going to Daut’s skirmishers and leaving a bloodshed behind. Daut doubted on adding spears for a moment but luckily he didn’t, or this article wouldn’t exist. He kept making skirmishers and eventually beat back the knights. The game then quickly went to the imperial age and Narya now had elite huskarls ready. Peel had throwing axemen geared up though but despite that Narya could sneak some to Daut’s army. Which led to the incredible situation of huskarls losing to skirmishers. Daut filled his population up to 200 with probably half of it being skirmishers. At this point Chichri had a bunch of buildings up and Daut started to blend in some siege rams too. Using skirmishers to tackle down bombard towers and castles would’ve been too badass anyways. In the meanwhile Peel was beating back Narya and with tons of axes being hurled at the helpless Gothic infantry, the team was forced to resign.

Recorded Game


Video Commentary

Written by Cysion

  • CarlosFerdinand

    Alexius, no one is really suggesting elite skirms beat knight or husk, both rape skirms easy. But due to the exceptional situation, too less army to fight vs the amount of skirms, and daut being daut, exceptional happened.

  • Alexius

    Could this “Skirmisher madness” (solo is too pale for this) work any day, any game?

    • GntlMn

      I think it wouldn’t work in 1v1. (OK, if you are Daut, maybe :P)
      Massing only one (not to mention: trash-) unit is really risky trhough a longer game.

      • Alexius

        I wonder, how his opponents couldn’t get in mind to blend their armies with loaded rams!
        That way not only the skirmishers would be safely reached by the rams – and then – baam – huskarls unload from all rams, and the battle turns into massacre!
        For if that multitude of skirmishers can amazingly beat Hussars, Knights, and Huskarls – there is no way to beat rams, hahaha…

        Anyway, excellent utilization of the unexpected vulnerability!

  • Johnanan

    training4wcl6 it was PL_PeEl in 100%, not Ramirez :|

    • Cysion

      Better late than never, but fixed ^^

  • DMZ Regicide

    “Daut doubted on adding spears for a moment”

    How do you know that ?^^

    Really funny game. First victory was still Pyrrhus victory, maybe because Daut forgot lock targets on by one.

    • Cysion

      Because he said it in the chat :p

      • DMZ Regicide

        As a purist I would judge that once you decide that you keep it, even if u lose.