Super Scouts


Do a scoutrush and don’t even think about anything else, not even in the imperial age.


  • Game Type: Random Map
  • Map: Arabia
  • Players: _DauT_ vs FHM_251sex
  • Nicks in game: _DauT_ vs FHM_251sex
  • Civs: Huns vs Huns

War Story

The game started out as a very traditional hunswar, both players went feudal at the same moment and both went for a scoutrush. FHM_251sex kept playing the traditional game and blended in more archers and spears as the game went on. Daut sticked to scouts however, and although he lost huge armies to hostile spears, FHM_251sex didn’t get more than a Pyrus victory. The game went on and Daut kept producing scouts. Because he kept pushing and because he had so many scouts, FHM_251sex couldn’t launch an offense so besides 2 spears at the start, Daut didn’t have to invest any resources in defense.

Daut reached the castle age faster than FHM_251sex and upgraded his scouts to light cavalry. FHM_251sex was a bit later in the castle age so his upgrades to crossbow and pikeman came (too) late. After some more back and forth running with scouts, Daut went to the imperial age, and with hussars against only a few leftover pikes, FHM_251sex offered his surrender.

Recorded Game


Written by Cysion

  • Orthodox

    i did not get why the other guy obsessed with archers..

  • FrozzenFlame

    wat eva xD

  • FrozzenFlame

    Don’t point any fingers to me young man you think u can take daut 1v1?Lol

    • MrDanish177

      point taken.

    • yampi

      Well I think you did not get my point.

      And yes I point a finger at the guy who said “he’s not that good” about a guy who would kill him in 15minutes.

      Btw yes, I think I can beat daut.
      He just has to delete his 3vils and scout at start.

  • FrozzenFlame

    Impressive but that other guy wasn’t so good.

    • dukla

      hes rated 1950 on voobly. thats pretty darn good.

    • yampi


      You’d die to him in like 15 minutes.

      That’s not because you’re watching daut playing that every thing is as easy as it seems.

  • BK_RoxX

    Good rec

  • Anonymous

    Only scouts during all the game! A kind of humiliation :D

    And FHM, prolly expecting some pikes, made archers… but pikes never came

  • lahmacun107

    dude, your collection is awesome

  • Monkin

    umm Daut was gonna win anyway..
    but would like to see Daut try this against another 24++