Wolf Express


Don’t like being wolfrushed on goldrush? Take them back!


  • Game Type: Random Map
  • Map: Goldrush
  • Players: BSK_Halen vs L_Clan_Chris
  • Nicks in game: CNS_LF vs L_Clan_Chris
  • Civs: Huns vs Huns

War Story

Wolfrushing is a common tactic on this map. And Chris tried to pull it off with a few militia pulling a train of wolves to Halen’s town. However, militia aren’t fast enough to do it in one pull. So there was quite some delay. By that time Halen entered the feudal age and made a few flush units. And at the moment Chris’ last militia died, Halen gladly took over the wolf train and lead the whole pack to Chris’s town. Chris had to idle his economy to shoot all the wolves and after some skirmishing, Halen entered the castle age. Chris was stuck in feudal a little longer and had to endure Halen’s knight raiding. Halen now went forward with a TC and a siege workshop in the field of gold (which happened to be next to Chris’ town). Chris was behind a lot and he decided to play it all or nothing. He went a 1 TC economy and went all out army. It nearly seemed to work out but once Halen could get a castle up in the fields of gold, Chris was forced to resign.

Recorded Game


Written by Cysion

  • joelamouk

    To understand you have to realize at this moment halen was a pro gamer. During the time you’d need to push 6keys he’d have pushed 12/15.

    Here he used groups, 1for his scout, 2 for his boar lurer.
    Here is the actions : he got his boar lurer on the way, one key to build mode, one key to palissade, right after it’s done one key to go on selected unit then right click the boar. To a player used to his hotkey that may take like 1second, not more. To this period’s halen that might have taken less than half a second, that’s why you can’t even notice it.

  • DeadN00b

    At around the 3:10 mark Halen marks the location of a wolf with an unbuilt palisade wall. I’ve rewatched the 10 seconds centered around the aforementioned timestamp on slow playback, with statistics on in economic mini-map mode, and can’t figure out which villager he used to place that palisade. I don’t even for a moment see “builder: 1″ for that segment. Any light shed on this curiosity would be appreciated.