Cornered Comeback


Being pushed into a corner, surrounded by trebuchets and longbowmen and still being in castle age. But refusing to resign and win the game after an amazing comeback.


  • Game Type: Random Map
  • Map: Arena
  • Players: _Ra_ vs [RoR]xTeRRoRx
  • Nicks in game: AfraidoftheDark vs RoR_xTeRRoRx_
  • Civs: Mongols vs Britons

War Story

Terror did his traditional Arena game, putting down a forward castle, do some raiding with longbows and head for a fast imp for trebuchets. Due to the nature of the map, it’s hard to spread out and run away on arena. The only way is usually drawing back, till you’re stopped by the forest or the border of the map. Ra luckily had a relatively big place to draw back, but he needed some good space-management to maintain unit production (and most notably: to avoid getting housed). In his little corner, Ra built a castle and when he finally imped, he created loads of trebuchets to go into trebfight with Terror. Ra had far more trebs and crushed Terror’s oppression. After that it went fast, Ra broke out of his corner and made loads of skirms and hussars to accompany his trebuchets. At that point the game was post imp with a stress on trash units, and here Britons have a disadvantage against Mongols. Especially since Ra still had a lot of trebuchets by his side. In the end, Terror was totally baffled and forced to resign.

Recorded Game


Written by Cysion

  • Anonymous

    gayy afraid had 4 relics just in his base…

    • Jaraldo

      That castle was up way too fast to even get 1 relic :S. And relics weren’t really held long enough to be a deciding factor anyways. Amazing play by _Ra_ :D

    • Cysion

      It was only 3 relics inside the arena anyways. And as Jaraldo said, the castle was up before the monastery was up. A castle that covered ALL the relics btw.