Persian Douche


Why not take your Town Center along when you build a forward base?


  • Game Type: Random Map
  • Map: Arabia
  • Players: _NiRenPu_ vs jx_goodboy
  • Nicks in game: _NiRenPu_ vs LoVe_XiaoXin
  • Civs: Persians vs Huns

War Story

Douching, aka a Persian Town Center rush is generally considered a stupid tactic only played by new players. However Nirenpu proved that he can beat a pro player with it too! Nirenpu moved his TC in dark age to goodboy. Goodboy was in feudal and tried to raid Nirenpu with archers while defending his home with towers. He didn’t bother to repair his TC though and lost it soon. But Nirenpu’s economy was mostly gathered around his new TC, so goodboy couldn’t raid with his archers. After 22 minutes, Nirenpu finally reached the feudal age and joined goodboy in the tower fight. Goodboy also managed to build a new TC in the meanwhile, but it was soon surrounded by Nirenpu’s towers. 20 minutes later both castled and here Nirenpu decided to just play it safe. He had most of the map under his control and goodboy had a castle in his small town to defend his -still very small- economy. Nirenpu was nearly at 200 pop and imp’d. Goodboy had a lot of pikes ready for Nirenpu’s cavalry, but imperial cavalry vs castle age pikes is a battle lost for the latter. Goodboy was forced to resign after some very nice out of the box thinking.

Recorded Game


Written by Cysion

  • Sounak

    This guy took Persian Douching to a next level.

  • ReconPete

    This exact strategy just happened to me in a 2v2 black forest, i managed to kill his TC because i had mined stone and wood to repair my TC in the dark age. It still bothered me so much that he would do that, but it took me out of the game economically and we got bum rushed by paladins soon after.

  • Alejandro

    Interesting and peculiar strategy, it’s definetely an all or nothing move. If it fails, you can consider youtself defeated. I’m no pro, but I can’t see why goodboy didn’t garrison his villagers the second he saw the rival started to buil a TC. He could have attacked the enemy’s villagers with his owns, which would have been protected by his TC fire. Instead, he simply let him to build at ease.

    PS: I’ve just discovered this page and I love it.

  • Arv

    For an epic TC rush watch 2v2 game of Chris (dont know if its already here) was posted some time back on Aoczone, old L_Clan tourney i guess

  • Anonymous

    keep adding to this site and it will be the only site i bother going to for age of empires info !

  • Anonymous

    thnx man for recs


    NO WAY.. u have this too?! lol.. this is my favorite site ^^