Eternal Drush


Both decide to try out a late drush (10 mins) and end up being stuck in the dark age for 40 minutes.


  • Game Type: Random Map
  • Map: Arabia
  • Players: Vile vs Ralber
  • Nicks in game: ZM_SkyWalkEr vs L_Clan_ShutUp
  • Civs: Celts vs Mongols

War Story

Both players were up for a fun game so they both decided to do some weird late drush, or so it seemed at least. Vile however, decided to exagerate a bit and ended up with 4 barracks making militia. It perfectly explains his 40 minute feudal time. Ralber was in the feudal age a lot earlier but couldn’t make enough archers to stop Vile’s enormous amount of militia. Vile was just toying with his prey though and didn’t kill him. The game went quickly into castle age after that (10 minutes of feudal fighting for Vile) and Vile decided to mix knights with his swordsmen. Ralber still couldn’t get more than a handful of knights and crossbows, and with only one TC for economy, it seemed he was screwed. Taking into account that it was 60 pop vs 140 pop, only made it look worse for Ralber. But Vile decided to keep on toying with his prey and instead of just killing Ralber’s units, Vile destroyed stables and archery ranges. He’d regret this later on because this was the turning point for the match. Ralber could easily shoot all the swordsman while they were killing his buildings, but in the meanwhile he kept on making economy (since Vile didn’t fight his army, he didn’t have to make a new one either.) The game went into a long imperial game but with no gold left on the map, the game turned into a trashwar. And there Mongols have a clear edge over Celts. Vile was despite his many chances for victory, forced to resign.

The out of the box thinker lost this game sadly, but it seemed to me he just didn’t finish the game because he had too much fun playing. Check it out for yourself!

Recorded Game


Written by Cysion

  • Anonymous

    awesome rec! quite rare to see such antique matches lol.

  • 7

    boring game -.-

  • [SL] R

    woow cool. super rec

    • Shmenger

      Yeah, Skywalker played just for fun here, not for win, this blindingly obvious ! He could win this game several times, and easily anyway. But I loved this fight <3