Villager Rush


Walling early and then boom to make an army of angry villagers.


  • Game Type: Random Map
  • Map: Arabia
  • Players: L_Clan_Ruso vs _DauT_
  • Nicks in game: WolF_Ruso vs Daut_is_Goku_
  • Civs: Spanish vs Spanish

War Story

Ruso went to wall very early, he aimed for a rather fast feudal too so he could add stonewalls. Daut soon noticed and ceased his flush in favor of booming. Ruso imped earlier and decided to give the Spanish unique tech a chance: he made 4 forward TC to make non-stop villagers. He added rams and BBT to his push and could take out Daut’s castle soon enough. Although villagers are very strong with these 3 upgrades (loom, supremacy and sappers) they are still villagers. And this turned back to Ruso too. In early imp he was gaining terrain but as Daut’s army of hussars began to swell, Ruso had more difficulties keeping his micro up. Assigning each and every villager to go fighting is one hell of a micro challenge. Daut then beat back Ruso with nothing more than rams and hussars. However, Ruso could stockpike huge amounts of gold in the meanwhile because villagers cost nothing but food. Ruso then started to mass cavaliers, later to be turned into paladins. Daut did the same and we got to witness a rare occurence in RM: 2 top players fighting each other with fully upgraded paladins. At this point drama happened for Ruso though: his keyboard died and he couldn’t do anything for 2 minutes. He couldn’t pause either since you can’t do those things with a mouse only! Ruso lost the war and the game, but we never know how this would’ve ended if it wasn’t for a pair of dead batteries.

I personally think the tactic needs to be fleshed out more. Ruso had a massive economy going and loads of gold left but he couldn’t turn that into his advantage. However, Ruso tried the tactic again later, with more success. In the download you can also find a 2v2 teamgame on mongolia. Ruso faced Dogao, who was playing with the Byzantines. Once again he totally messed up his enemy with villagers. But you can look for yourself how that went.

Recorded Game


Written by Cysion


    9… that isnt fair..what a shame…_Daut_vs Ruso…i can’t bealive it..why then when two , very best players fought?! D:
    i would vote for Daut :)