Turkish Defense


Fight off an Aztec drush like real men do (with fighting villagers). Then go FC, do a 3TC boom while he tries to monkrush you with siege and archers. And when you’re tired of it all, buy yourself a castle for about 1000 gold and pump janissaries to stop his oppression.


  • Game Type: Random Map
  • Map: Arabia
  • Players: _DauT_ vs [HyM]Cyclops
  • Nicks in game: _DauT_ vs [HyM]Cyclops
  • Civs: Turks vs Aztecs

War Story

The game begins with Daut stealing Cyclops’ boar. This extra food will be a key advantage for Daut later on. Cyclops does a 5 militia + eagle drush on Daut and he uses his villagers to fight him off. Daut can keep his economy relatively undisturbed and sets ready for a 3TC Boom. Because of the open map however, Cyclops can quickly station crossbows all around the town to lock in Daut’s villagers. But 1 onager quickly solves this louse in Daut’s pelt. Cyclops then brings monks to the scene. Eagles die too fast to TC fire to be effective and monks can stay well out of range. Above that, Aztec monks can take a few hits from onagers before dying. By now Daut already has a good economy and he decides to buy a castle. Buy indeed, he has no stone and no stone mines so he trades gold for stone in the market. A little later a castle goes up in the center of his town. Defending him from possible attacks and also giving him the opportunity to make those dreadful janissaries. With an army of those (and some siege) he pushes back Cyclop’s forward base and marches straight to his town. Cyclops then imps and tries to raid Daut’s town with elite eagles but it’s too late already. And with a bunch of elite janissaries awaiting the feathered warriors, the game is soon over for Cyclops.

Recorded Game


Written by Cysion


    i play with turks a lot these days so this ll be useful. :D

  • Anonymous

    you should try to convince fosse he doesn’t believe me, but gun fire seems to affect differently than arrow, for the guns seem to ignore/reduce eagles high pierce armor

    • http://www.cysion.be Cysion

      Guns have a bonus against infantery, and guns have a high attack too (18?). So their bonus compensates the pierce armor of eagles.