War Wagon Fest


Walling before flushtime on Arabia. Then do a 5 TC Boom and send your enemy to oblivion with nothing but War Wagons.


  • Game Type: Random Map
  • Map: Arabia
  • Players: _DauT_ vs L_Clan_Chris
  • Nicks in game: CsI_Vegeta_ vs Infrared_Flame
  • Civs: Koreans vs Huns

War Story

The power of Koreans is in their Imperial armies and Daut decided to go for that. He started to wall off very early, not a little area but nearly a quarter of the map. He didn’t do a traditional FC buildup though, that way he could do stone walls early and make Chris think that he’d play the flushgame along. Chris set up his economy for flushing in the meanwhile but soon discovered that Daut walled off completely with stonewalls. Daut was ahead at this point and went to the castle age, notably faster than Chris. Because of the longer buildup towards the castle age (42 villagers) he could do a 5 TC Boom. Chris however, decided not to adapt to the situation and kept playing the traditional hungame. He went cavalry archers and made rams to knock down Daut’s walls. At the time Chris finally broke, Daut could easily defend with some onagers and the first war wagons. More of those would follow and he kept pumping war wagons. Chris reached imperial age too by now but kept on playing his traditional hungame. So he upgraded his cavalry archers even more and started to introduce capped rams. Those rams are a real horror for war wagons (as they absorb arrows) but with a bunch of scouts Daut restored balance. He kept sending war wagons into Chris’ economy and forced his enemy to resign.

This is the perfect example of thinking out of the box, as Chris died playing his traditional hungame, while war wagons are very resistant to that kind of playing. And truth said, Huns have excellent skirms, pikes and cavalry, which all counter war wagons. But alas.

Recorded Game


Written by Cysion

  • ktgozone

    Epic game this! Thanks Cysion…

  • blackSSvomit

    hehe, i tried it out after a bad start, http://www.voobly.com/match/view/4465298 (not sure if cysion minds posting links, if not ok just take it off)

  • Can_Ble

    Funny dialogs ^_^

    • Anonymous

      true true…