Persian Persistance


Pick out the weak unit of the flock and kill him. Nature’s way of saying that anything is possible if you just play smart.


  • Game Type: Random Map
  • Map: Arena
  • Players: BuzZ_sletten vs [RoR]xTeRRoRx
  • Nicks in game: BuzZ_sletten vs [RoR]Green_Day
  • Civs: Persians vs Koreans

War Story

Although being a top tier boom civ, Persians are not a top tier arena civ. They have horrible units to do a castle drop attack, their monks are only good to catch back converted elephants but lack all technologies to make a monkrush viable. Besides that they lack a strong early imp. They’re usually nicknamed the worse civ on arena, and this is not so far from the truth. However, since we like to think out of the box, anything is possible!

Both players didn’t do anything fancy in feudal and went for a FC. Sletten was obviously afraid of a forward from Terror, so he made some knights in early castle age to avoid that. To no avail however, since Terror just wanted to boom and unfold the mighty Korean imperial army. Sletten joined in the boom but since he had a few knights ready he also controlled the arena. Which gave him the opportunity to collect all relics. Sletten showed why Persians are a good boomciv and imped earlier than Terror, despite making knights and monks. He then tried to make a forward castle but one Korean onager spoiled the party. After that Terror even upgraded his walls, making all hope for a quick break vanish. Sletten now had no choice but waiting till Terror came out. And he did, with a big Korean army consisting of halberdiers, hand cannoneers and siege onagers. Sletten invested in the paladin upgrade in the meanwhile and at this point I -as the interested watcher- lost all hope in Sletten. After a few raids on the army with paladins, it was quickly clear that they wouldn’t come into play anymore. Sletten now upgraded his hussars and halberdiers. And now the fun began.

When Sletten charged with his hussars, Terrors halberdiers followed them, but Sletten didn’t run in a straight path and ran into a big circle around Terrors army. The halberdiers can’t keep up with that and after making a huge detour, he attacked his army from the back. And the backbone of the Korean army is obviously the siege onager. This way he managed to keep the number of onagers in the army low. He obviously lost many hussars doing this but with an 80 farm economy, it was bearable. Terror kept pushing though and eventually managed to secure all goldmines in the arena, making the future look very dark for Sletten since he had to keep doing his little onager-picking trick for a lot longer. Terror couldn’t find an answer to it however and eventually ran out of gold. Since Sletten had all the relics and managed to combine his huge trash army with siege rams, Terror was forced to resign.

I’m very aware that this article is not enough to show how great Sletten did on slowly destroying the Korean army, look for yourself, sit back and enjoy!

Recorded Game


Written by Cysion

  • Skanderbeg

    I am your fan sletten <3

  • Shine

    What do you guys think of Chinese fast iiemrpal?I’ve tried it before. It’s effective, and people just don’t know what to expect for the Chinese. The 20% cheaper techs is a good bonus to have here because unlike other civs, you can get all the economy techs researched while massing the arbalests.For ever 4 tech a civ can research, the Chinese can research 5.

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  • Anonymous

    great game i thought it was over for sletten…

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    WOOOO! Nice to see Sletten <3 get a spot here on AoCBox! :D

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    omg sleten so xpert

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      are u the real viper