I wah-wah-wah-wah-wonder


Edgy games that are more thrilling than the average best-selling novels? Not to forget one of the best sneaks you’ll ever see.


  • Game Type: Random Map
  • Map: Team Islands
  • Players: Master_o_Corvo_ + Soldado_do_Alem + FOX_ChicoBento vs TBE_Zangadao + TBE_BarraBraVa + GdM_kurt_
  • Nicks in game: Master_o_Corvo_ + Soldado_do_Alem + FOX_ChicoBento vs TBE_Zangadao + TBE_BarraBraVa + GdM_kurt_
  • Civs: Chinese + Mayans + Spanish vs Huns + Teutons + Byzantines

War Story

This is one of those games where a transliteration for next generations can only be made by watching the game. So many things happened that I’d have to write a novel for the numerous battles. But, I’ll try to catch the highlights. The game started as a traditional grushfest after which the winning team started to land their adversaries. Only their Mayan pocket was saved from castle and knight pushing while in the meantime ChicoBento was trying to save his ass (and his 30 pop after 45 minutes of playing). He had to pull back eventually and his empty patch of land was now used as a base where trashunits, BBT, champions, cataphracts and gunpowder units started to round up for a good game of pushing. Surprisingly they could keep up 2v3 with a very solid Mayan army backed up by Chinese scorpions. The attackers saw the game going to a stalemate and with the prospect of red soon being able to make units too, they started to build a wonder at home. This led to multiple attemps to land and destroy, but they were all revoked before they could do any harm. The countdown started and with only a few years on the clock to go, the game seemed to have finished. But no one, not even me as an attentive watcher then saw the sneak of Corvo, who sneaked a big bunch of trebuchets within range of the wonder and smashed it down in the final countdown. As both islands were nearly cleared from forests, the naval war was only won by the person who could still afford a galley. This happened to be Corvo’s team, who then took the water and made a wonder of their own.

I still wah-wah-wah-wah-wonder how they won this. (for the cultural reference, look up “Del Shannon – Runaway” on YouTube).

Recorded Game


Written by Cysion

  • Skanderbeg

    Corvo flares the sneak attack to is team and says what he is going to do in the chat anyways

  • suhas

    i saw a 4v4 oasis game in which L_Clan_Alive (vikings) builds wonder & it gets destroyed in last minute , again his ally builds second wonder & 100′s of stone walling , i forgot it gets razed or not , but timer goes to single digit for sure

    once (early days in hamachi) i built a wonder in 3v3 michi & opponents has pers , franks , huns
    they were very angry & then deleted it..11

    • http://www.cysion.be Cysion

      I remember I started watching that 4v4 game but I stopped because it seemed to be long and boring :p Seems it was worth seeing after all! :o

      • suhas

        coz of that 2 hour+ time i dint watch it again

  • DMZ Regicide

    What happened in the end ?

    I thought the game would continue with the new teutonic wonder. Did they resigned because they had no wood?

    • http://www.cysion.be Cysion

      Indeed, they had no wood left, their wonder was their last chance for victory as they lost the naval battle already. They couldn’t trade either because their island was too narrow.