Boom Boom Boom Boom


Always seeing people claim they can boom like a pro, but are they really best at it? This game is obviously not something you can play a lot, it’s fun for a few times, but not more.


  • Game Type: Random Map
  • Map: Arabia
  • Number of players: 2-8
  • Map Size: According to the players or smaller
  • Teams: Teams Together and locked
  • Speed: Normal
  • Victory: Conquest


  • If you have 200 Population (only villagers!), you resign
  • No attacking
  • Delete your scout before the game ends, 200 villagers, not 199+scout!
  • You can check the stats later to see if anyone cheated


Booming civs ofcourse! Vikings have free Wheelbarrow/cart. Persians have faster TC while Britons have cheaper TC. Teutons have cheaper farms while Celts just cut more wood!

1st tier

2nd tier

3rd tier

4th tier

5th tier

Hints & Tips

  • Economy: A traditional boom is geared towards having an army in the Imperial age. Here you must invest in more Town Centers and more villagers. Imping is useless!

Written by Cysion

  • frozzenflame

    No badge for this ?:)

    • Cysion

      There’s a hidden one :p

      But an official one will come later, once I got a challenging time set.

      • frozzenflame


  • {~u

    won’t you just lose then?

    i think persians is best for booming because of there 50 wood and 50 food in the begining and its not good to boom in fudgel because it slows u down if u creat vills in castle and pump out tcs then ya i would perfer britons to do the most to collect as much as possible

  • suhas

    franks also 2nd tire imo
    free mill upgrades is much better than mongols , japs when trying for 200 pop

    • Cysion

      Hard to tell, Japanese save about 250 wood in dark age on dropsites while Mongols can just start cutting that extra wood faster due to their hunting bonus. Franks save 200 food and 200 wood for farming upgrades, but since the savings start later (125f and 125w in Castle age compared to the Japanese savings in Dark age), I wouldn’t say Franks are “much better”. Especially since the Frankish savings absolutely vanish compared to the Teutonic and Celtic ones. (20 wood per farm, and you can easily make 100 in a game like this, which counts for 2000 wood)

  • Anonymous

    this actually is good practice for a boom :o

    • suhas

      -(^^)practice less last 3 – 4 mins


    i don’t ungerstand..what is a goal here? to have 200 villagers

    • Cysion

      Indeed. Booming is a common buildup to ensure a superior economy. (usually adopted in closed maps).

      But anyways, this game is to test your booming skills, but in an extreme setup.