AoC Glossary

Most articles in this site use common terms and abbreviations that are used in the game. If you’re a new player you may get lost through all these terms, so here’s a glossary to help you out!

Game Tactics

  • Flush: A rush in the Feudal Age
  • Krush: Knight rush
  • Drush: Dark Age rush with militia
  • Mush: Monk rush
  • Smush: Saracen monk rush
  • Trush: Tower rush, generally pulled off in the Feudal Age
  • Grush: Galley rush
  • FI: Fast Imperial. Used by Byzantines and Turks to have gunpowder units at 22-23 minutes
  • FC: Fast Castle
  • Castle Drop: Dropping a castle right next to the enemy, popular on arena
  • Fwd: Building a forward base to attack
  • KLEW: Kidd’s Lightning Eagle Warrior Rush. Have eagles by 14 minutes to kill your enemy
  • Douche: Town Center rush: deleting your town center in the dark age and rebuild it next to your enemy’s
  • Sling: One player tributes resources to another to kill the enemies faster with more and stronger units
  • Booming: Invest all your economy in more economy till you can go to the imperial age. Generally up to 110-140 villagers
  • Fishboom: Similar to booming but adding fishing boats for an extra boost
  • Sneak: Sneaking in some villagers on closed maps to attack the enemy from behind while he thinks he’s protected by natural borders
  • Clump: DM tactic that involves building your initial buildings so that your villagers are protected from the first hostile raids

Units & Buildings

  • Trash Units: Units that cost no gold
  • Arb: Arbalest
  • Axe: Throwing Axeman
  • BBC: Bombard Cannon
  • BBT: Bombard Tower
  • CA: Cavalry Archer
  • Cata: Cataphract
  • Cav: Cavalier
  • Champs: Champions
  • Chuck: Chu-Ko-Nu
  • Conq: Conquistador
  • E: Elite version of a unit (Econq)
  • Ele: War Elephant
  • EW: Eagle Warrior
  • Halb: Halberdier
  • Husk/Husky: Huskarl
  • HC: Hand Cannoneer
  • HCA: Heavy Cavalry Archer
  • Jag: Jaguar Warrior
  • Jan/Janny: Janissary
  • Kits/Knts/Kts: Knights
  • Lbow: Longbowman
  • LC/LCav: Light Cavalry
  • M/Mkt: Market
  • MAA/M@A: Man at Arms
  • Mam: Mameluke
  • Mang: Mangonel
  • Mangu: Mangudai
  • Onnies: A unit from the Onager line, usually Onagers or Siege Onagers
  • Pala: Paladin
  • Pike: Pikeman
  • Plums: Plumed Archers
  • Pony: Scout Cavalry
  • Range: Archery Range
  • Rax: Barracks
  • Sam: Samurai
  • Sc: Scout Cavalry
  • Skirm: Skirmisher
  • SO: Siege Onager
  • TC: Town Center
  • TK: Teutonic Knight
  • Treb: Trebuchet
  • UU: Unique Unit
  • Woad: Woad Raider
  • WW: War Wagon
  • Xbow: Crossbow
  • Zerk: Berserk


  • LN: Land Nomad
  • FR: Full Random
  • UR: Ultra Random
  • BR: Blind Random
  • Michi: Map that separates teams by a thick forest.
  • LN Nothing: Land Nomad with only forests
  • GA: Green Arabia
  • DA: Double Arabia
  • TI: Team Islands
  • BF: Black Forest
  • RF: Regicide Fortress
  • Migra: Migration
  • Medi: Mediterranean

Game Types

  • RM: Random Map
  • DM: Death Match
  • CS: Custom Scenario
  • Koth: King of the Hill
  • Regi: Regicide
  • FFA: Free For All

Pregame Chat

  • fmt: Friends May Team
  • coop: When two players pick the same color and play as one civilisation
  • tg: Team Game
  • italics: Problem in GameRanger where the player who is “italics” needs to rejoin or either forward his ports
  • ping 30: A connectivity problem between players

Ingame Chat

  • pocket: The central player(s) in 3v3 and 4v4 teamgames
  • w: Water (used to flare water to your teammates)
  • d: Dock (used to flare your docks to your teammates)
  • x (something): Flare (something)
  • housed: Not having enough houses to continue unit production
  • popped: Reached the population limit
  • g: Gold (used to flare enemy gold to your teammates) or to ask for gold
  • r/rel: Relic (used to flare your relics to your teammates)
  • lc: Lumbercamp (used to flare enemy lumber to your teammates)
  • del: Delete
  • LOS: Line of Sight
  • HP: Hit Points
  • FU: Fully Upgraded or Fuck You, depending on the context
  • gg: Good Game
  • vgg: Very Good Game
  • hf: Have Fun
  • gl: Good Luck
  • pw: Play Well
  • wp: Well Played
  • re: Rematch
  • gb: Go Back (also used to say you should pull back on the battle field)
  • eg: No meaning, was originally used as a pun on “gg”. Some use it as “easy” or “excellent” game
  • op: Overpowered


  • Hunwhore: Someone who can only play 1v1 Huns on Arabia
  • Hunkid: Obnoxious and annoying kid that can only play 1v1 Huns on Arabia and thinks he’s a pro player because of that
  • Aztecwhore: Worse than a Hunwhore
  • tuG_: Cheat(er) (named after Ertug, notable cheater)
  • Bär: German way to refer to your boars.
  • Smurf: A player pretending to be someone else.

Community & Games

  • aoc: Age of Empires II, The Conquerors Expansion
  • aok: Age of Empires II, The Age of Kings
  • aoe: Age of Empires
  • ror: Age of Empires I, The Rise of Rome Expansion
  • aom: Age of Mythology
  • tt: Age of Mythology, The Titans Expansion
  • aoe3: Age of Empires III
  • tad: Age of Empires III, The Asian Dynasties Expansion
  • twc: Age of Empires III, The War Chiefs Expansion
  • aoeo: Age of Empires Online
  • zone: MSN Gaming Zone, the former official matchmaking service for Age of Empires
  • GR: GameRanger
  • rts: Real Time Strategy


In team games it’s a good habit to say which civ you have. It’s essential to good teamwork. And the first time I heard “tines” I had to think hard to figure what civ my ally actually had.

  • Meso: Meso-American civs, aka Mayans and Aztecs
  • Aztecs: Az/Azt/Tex/Tec
  • Britons: Brits/Bri
  • Byzantines: Byz/Tines
  • Celts: Cel
  • Chinese: Chinks/Chi
  • Franks: Fra
  • Goths: Got
  • Huns: Hun
  • Japanese: Jap/Japs
  • Koreans: Kor
  • Mayans: May/Maya
  • Mongols: Mon/Gols
  • Persians: Per/Pers
  • Saracens: Sar/Sara
  • Spanish: Sp/Spa/Span
  • Teutons: Tuts/Teut
  • Turks: Tur
  • Vikings: Vik

Written by Cysion

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    Tower whore

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      open ports 2300-2400 TCP & UDP , 47624 TCP

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