Playing a game where a good diplomatical tactic is just as crucial as your micro skills. Or maybe even more important. Forge and break alliances along the way. Demand tributes from your allies because in the end, only one can win. Prepare for some chaotic warfare, comparable to what the real landlords had to do back in the dark ages!


  • Game Type: Regicide
  • Map: Anything but Arena or Oasis. Landmaps are encouraged. Fortress is the best.
  • Number of players: 5-8
  • Map Size: According to the players or bigger
  • Teams: FFA, Teams unlocked
  • Speed: Slow! This gives you crucial time to debate diplomacy. Beginners can play on normal.
  • Victory: Last Man Standing


  • No more than n-3 allies at any time in the game! So if there are 8 players in the game, you may have 5 allies. However, if you have 5 allies and you defeat someone then there are 7 players left. 7-3=4 so you must betray one of your allies. When there are 4 players left, you may only have 1 ally. With 3 players left, it becomes a true FFA.


All civilizations are good at Shimo, but because trading is hard (especially lategame) some civs have a hard time in the final FFA stages of the game. These are essentially the civs with poor trash units. (Turks, Teutons, Aztecs,…)

1st tier

2nd tier

3rd tier

4th tier

Hints & Tips

  • Scouting: Scout all of the map! If you lose an ally, you’ll also lose his LOS. It’s best to scout as much of the map by yourself.
  • Relics: Shimo games can last long, so it’s important to capture some relics. In extensive trashwars, having some extra gold will make the difference. You can wall relics in early to make sure they’re yours.
  • Trading: Trade is hard but may be handy. Don’t make unprotected traderoutes. Anyone can attack them, and when an ally turns hostile to you, he can easily kill of your expensive trade carts. It may be handy to hotkey your tradecarts for fast withdrawal.
  • Military: Due to the FFA nature of the game, you must have trashunits when gold starts to run out. But because you must also fight a huge variety of enemies it’s best to have all your trashunits upgraded. Spaniards won’t have problems doing this because of no-gold blacksmith bonus. Other civs must invest their gold in blacksmith and other upgrades earlier.

Written by Cysion

  • Avi

    Where can i download this from? It sounds like a great map but there is no button.
    Also, does this show up like another map in the list (as i, does it change the game like a mod?)

  • IceGolem

    here is sample os shimo game, played in 2002

  • abhi

    can you post a good recorded game with shimo settings.

  • ahmet

    yeah it sounds good but you can’t play this with your friends who know the others skills. But it’s possible in online games

  • adde

    well it sounds fun