Merry Berserkergang


Legends say Berserkers ate drugged food before a combat and worked themselves into a rage to destroy everything that might pass their way in a uncontrollable and incalculably fury. No man shall meet a Berserker on a combat and return as a living soul.


  • Game Type: Random Map
  • Map: Arena
  • Players: Katon__ vs Nigeria_zZ
  • Nicks in game: [CL's]Katon__ vs Nigeria_zZ
  • Civs: Vikings vs Aztec

War Story

In first sight it seems that Aztecs and Vikings have many things in common. They are infantry based civilizations with bonus for infantry (or a Unique Technology for Aztecs) while their cavalry are below average (Aztecs don’t even get a stable!). Both have very good economy and both have bad unique units. But actually if one looks closer; they are totally different civilizations as one dominates on Arena and other land maps, the other is the unbeatable king of oceans and seas. Now these two similar although very different civilization will meet in Arena, the land where wolowers sing and where the earth is dry and no water can be found.

The beginning is usual: Aztec goes for forward monasteries and 2 TC and Vikings ups with 28 pop, planning for a boom. While Nigeria_zZ is picking up the first relics Katon__ is still advancing to castle and he builds 3 Scouts, who immediately are upgraded to Light Cavalry. With his starting Scout and 3 new ones, Katon__ successes to kill the Monks and force Nigeria_zZ to garrison the newly created Monks in the monastery. Although, after Nigeria_zZ made some Spearman the 4 Light Cavalry are quickly defeated and the Aztec army marches down to Katon__. Katon__, however, quickly trained some Crossbowmen along with a Mangonel to keep the Nigeria_zZ’s force out of his territory and regain control over the map.

With his main army destroyed Nigeria_zZ stayed in his base and started to boom. Katon__ followed his example, but he mined a lot of stone which resulted in late advancing time, but followed with 5 castles afterwards. During the  transition to imperial age was indeed very peaceful, but as any seaman knows, before a tsunami arrives the water will be pulled back and it would look for a second very pleasant, only small animals noticing the danger. Unlucky for Nigeria_zZ he didn’t notice that Katon__ was heavy on stone. As mentioned he reached Imperial age earlier and started to make Elite Eagle Warrior. Although his first attack ended with Nigeria_zZ retreating since he met a castle and Berserks guarding the Viking economy.

If Nigeria_zZ took the initiative at that time, maybe the outcome would be different, but for any reason he didn’t. He allowed Katon__ to reach imperial age and complete his Berserk army. Nigeria_zZ tried with rams and Eagle Warriors to break in, but Eagle Warriors are just no match to Berserkers who are continuously flooded from 5 castles. After reaching imperial age Katon__ didn’t need to make any other unit than these unstoppable warriors who forced Nigeria_zZ to resign. Conclusion? It was a beautiful game and one of the few where Vikings surpassed the Aztec domination in Arena and furthermore a rare game where Berserk could show their strength and use.

Recorded Game


Written by _MariaN_

  • http://Don'twanttosay. Jack1

    Lol,awesome game

  • http://www.itself.wld Brainless

    NaSh, indeed its a catchy but easier word. The most curious is that this name comes from the AOE1 sound this chaps made (30). Called priests however. When playing AOC i always entangle this 2 names (what where they called again? really costs me time when communicating) So, saying Wololo makes it all a bit easier indeed

    • _MariaN_

      I just used wolowers since I thought it sounds more poetic.

  • o.O

    where were nigerias jaguars hiding?

  • NaSH

    I like, that you call all monk things wololo. :D