Red Raiders


Real men fight with real men. Real raiders fight with… no one at all.


  • Game Type: Random Map
  • Map: Arabia
  • Players: St4rk vs _CCS_Acuo
  • Nicks in game: St4rk vs _CCS_Acuo
  • Civs: Huns vs Huns

War Story

When Ensemble Studios developed the Tarkan, they probably had a raider in mind. A force of horseback riding savages that would enter a town and leave it burning only instants later. Sadly, given the nature of Hunswars, we rarely see Tarkans unleash their whipping power on the world. But luckily, St4rk proved that it is possible to play it differently and raid your enemy to oblivion, rather than facing him in the middle of the map where frontiers collide. It must be said, he had nature by his side: a decent map to wall whereas his enemy had more difficulties securing his territory. But this doesn’t take any brilliance away from his gameplay.

In fact, he played it quite peaceful for a Hun. Avoiding all direct confrontations with enemy armies and generally just rolling in with Tarkans and pulling them away right in time after some damage has been done and not to lose your army. But Tarkans are still Tarkans: incredibly easy to counter, and since we’re on top-player level here, Acuo knew all the counters. Masses of halberdiers backed up by cavalry archers were the back bone of his Hunnic army. While St4rk was more relying on Tarkans and hussars. Face-to-face, this would be a dreadful combo, but when you use your Hussars to kill villagers and Tarkans to kill their shelters, then your eyes will be opened for other ways of victory.


Recorded Game


Written by Cysion

  • Viper enjoying himself
  • well
  • St4rk

    Oh hi, nice to see this game here =P

    Just explaining something.. when you gather one resource, and build a mill/lumber camp/mining camp, no matter what kind of resource it was, it’ll be count as gathered..

    in this case, if all vills got food from deers, and build a lumber camp, this food is not droped ;)

    • __As_GIO_Arg

      I think , that those food didnt shows at resources table, it count anyway? I mean you USE it without this is on Resources table?

      • CSA_T_Ashby

        It did show up. just look at the resource table when the lumber camp just completes. 403 changed to 523.

  • Mahesh

    i didn’t get one thing in the beginning if any one noticed.. the red guy.. he had sent 4 guys to hunt.. and then those guys go for lumber and loose all the food from one deer???!?!?

    • 321jurgen

      I saw it to. I thought why did he collect all the food and then throw it all away?

  • GntlMn

    Nice one :D

  • _MariaN_

    Ah finally!