Drop Dark


Skip the dark age and start fighting much earlier!


  • Game Type: Random Map
  • Map: Any map
  • Number of players: 2-8
  • Map Size: According to the players
  • Teams: Teams Together and locked
  • Speed: Normal
  • Victory: Conquest


  • Starting Age: Feudal Age


It’s hard to say which civs are best here, especially since this depends on the map. Important bonusses to keep in mind though are the Vikings’ free wheelbarrow, Byzantine trash unit discount, Franks free farm upgrade, the infantry bonusses that start from feudal age (Japanese, Goths, Vikings) and the archery ones for Britons and Mayans.

1st tier

Hints & Tips

  • Scouting: You now have a stronger scout to start with, faster and with a greater LOS. This doesn’t count for eagles though, so watch out not to lose those early.
  • Loom: Loom is automatically researched for all civs, so Aztecs lose an advantage there. This means all civs have a (nearly) equal drush. Or MAA-rush in this case.

Recorded Games

In the “Elite tournament” one of the maps was ES@Canals, which had to be played from the Feudal age with high resources. Encouraging players to come up with new tactics. Above that they were prohibited to build castles. So a little pack with the 3 best games these settings gave!

  • L_Clan_Chris, _DauT_, HyM_Cyclops_xR, Olympus_WrAtH__: Download

Written by Cysion