“[RVK]JorDan_23: I wanna do something fun”


  • Game Type: Random Map
  • Map: Coastal
  • Players: Georgie + MC__ + Sencha vs JorDan + dogao + RiuT
  • Nicks in game: [Lone]Georgie + [Lone]MC__ + [Lone]Sencha vs [RVK]JorDan_23 + [RVK]dogao + [RVK]RiuT
  • Civs: Koreans + Saracens + Turks vs Byzantines + Japanese + Aztecs

War Story

Monk Rush is not a conventional move in team games, because it is hard to carry out effectively against more than one opponents. Its riskiness is beyond doubt. In this game, the RVK team decided to come on the scene with not one, but three monk rushes simultaneously!
The Lones started with a well executed galley rush – however this naval challenge left unanswered. The other team have had alternative plans in mind: instead of bluejackets, they summoned their white-collar chanteurs and the Lone territories soon became noisy by loud wololo songs.
In a case like this, only one question remains: is there a chance to stand out against more than thirty enemy monks rolling over on your team’s peaceful wheat fields?

Recorded Game


Written by GntlMn

  • truongzgiang


  • AOC fan

    Can you randomize the starting POV? You always use the winner’s view and it is such a huge spoil for the whole game

    • Skanderbeg

      LOL, the game story also as the winner most of the times.

    • Stryker

      Actually every game isn’t winner’s POV. And sometimes loser’s POV may not be available.

  • Kev

    The Aztec was painful to watch. First, he builds the great wall and then just let’s his enemy’s flush in. And then how he chose to enter teal’s base… If you can see that there are 2 archery ranges with units stationed in them, then you might not want to send your monks and mangonels right next to them into a tight area.
    And when teal built his kickass korean tower I just felt sad for the Aztec. If it would have been 1v1 between grn and teal then teal would probably have won.

  • GntlMn

    I am wondering if there was a level gap here. Or just the power of surprise made the fast RVK victory…?

    • Skanderbeg


  • BlanketPI

    This is the sort of game which you need to watch a number of times to get all the fun. (I watch with Fog of War on.) This was a funny game, just because of the ridiculousness of it. I thought converting about 6 or 7 Light Cavalry was great. The only thing better would be Monk rushing a Teuton successfully in a normal game. (I saw Monk Madness already.) This was certainly a weird game. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  • Wurstigkeit

    It would be interesting if the Koreans are substituted with Teutons and Turks with Spanish in the game – then we could have an all-out 3vs3 monk war 11

    • barbarossa89

      Turks get very good monks too. No need to switch them out. They are actually better than Spanish because of fast gold mining.

  • Age2player

    It does make a bit of sense too, the civs the RVK team was playing do all have pretty good Monks, Japanese lack Heresy but get everything else, Byzantines lack Herbal Medicine but heal faster, while Aztec Monks get everything and have extra HP. So very interesting choice indeed, and once again a new way to play the game.

  • Decoy

    Thanks, finally a new game! :)