If you face a Gothic player as a Chinese, you can bet, your opponent is going to bring out the huskarls. But what if he doesn’t…?


  • Game Type: Random Map
  • Map: Arabia
  • Players: JorDan_23 vs Tsu_NilPferd
  • Nicks in game: Viper_JorDan_23 vs Tsu_NilPferd
  • Civs: Goths vs Chinese

War Story

The war began with a Dark Age duty call from Jordan, presenting two militias to NilPferd, who didn’t want to give them a warm welcome and executed the soldiers with his Town Center in the twinkling of an eye. A failed drush so to say. The two players started to wall up and boomed quickly. NilPferd built a few castles to defend his western side, ready to mass the backbone to his Chinese army. In the meanwhile, Jordan built a lot of barracks and started to mass militias – in Imperial Age! So the fun could begin, when Jordan sent his army against the heavily defended front-line of his Chinese opponent. His brave little guys faced chu-ko-nus, champions and arrows raining down from hostile castles.

Jordan seemed to be intransigent, he kept sending his troops continuously to butchery, sometimes without massing them. The speed of slaughtering was the same as the speed of training on the other end of the line. Jordan tried to profit from the pressure he caused, and to break through the walls at different spots, with few success. The cheaper Gothic infantry and the control of the resources of the whole map gave opportunity to JorDan to uphold the flood of wastage. In the end, he had more than thirty barracks working, while NilPferd ran out of gold completely, he had no chance to keep up with the Gothic champions. And thus sealing the faith of his opponent.

Recorded Game


Written by GntlMn

  • nipferdhater

    best heavy scorpions in the game and he makes champions to counter gothic militia and champions…

  • guest

    Rushing militia on Imp makes no sense at all. Isn’t the cost per unit identical to champions? You don’t even need to go that far if militia were causing havoc, just upgrade to men-at-arms or long swordsmen, and you’ll crush your opponent that much faster. Maybe he didn’t upgrade on purpose just to troll, but still a dumb move.

    • dozi

      of course he did not upgrade on purpose. if you realise he said “to be fair im upgrading militia” :)

  • truongzgiang

    You are my fan

  • truongzgiang


  • D’Martis

    This shouldn’t fall under the expert category…

    • Zeus

      Oh Yeah? So it seems you have a very good command over the game…

  • blackcamo

    Can’t see any videos, please tell me why?! I have Real Player, any you recommend for me getting any time soon? LOL It’s a pretty stupid question, but still. I’m not “good technologically speaking” HAHA! Thanks, AOCBox!

    • GntlMn

      These aren’t videos, but game records. Download the file, unzip, then paste into the SaveGame folder of your AoC install. You can watch it under Saved Games after you started AoC.

      • 227A

        i hav problems watching records :(
        it says game out of sync after some time.. help pls!!

        • Steel_e

          patch your version :P

        • hope_full

          yep, you need to have the same version as the game that was recorded. download 1.0c and you should be able to download recs to your heart’s content

  • NaSH

    Moral of the record:
    Never let a goth go boom! :D
    Because he will spam like hell!

  • jug123

    haha excellent loved watching this one

  • barbarossa89

    That was hilarious and unexpected. Another truly unique recorded game. However, the only thing I learned from this record was “Don’t mess with Jordan.”

  • Carlos Ferdinand

    You are my fan ! <3

  • TllKhn

    Another one of them, surreal games.

  • Seuchpony

    i love aoc trollgames!

  • GntlMn

    “ok milit[ia]s sux einfach”
    LoL :D

    Yes, i think too, he just played with his victim.

  • Skanderbeg

    Jordan was trolling!