Double Trouble


Sounds like the title for a chick flick, but in fact it’s one of the most entertaining recorded games in AoC history.


  • Game Type: Random Map
  • Map: UltraRandom
  • Players: L_Clan_Chris + L_Clan_Songo vs L_Clan_FurBy + ALoT_Marduk
  • Nicks in game: L_Clan_Chris + L_Clan_Songo vs L_Clan_FurBy + ALoT_Marduk
  • Civs: Huns + Vikings vs Persians + Huns

War Story

A quick background for this game first: you might notice there’s a big level gap between the players. This is because the game is from an internal Legion Clan tournament where Warcraft and AoC players would form pairs to fight for the crown. Chris was teamed up with Songo, and knowing the big level gap, Chris told his teammate to sling him. Not such a surprising tactic, but eventually the game evolved into a match packed with surprises. Marduk and Furby weren’t very interested in giving Chris an easy match, so they decided to double him. And not lightly! Being Persians, Furby douched Chris while Marduk flushed him. Songo was left alone and luckily so. His walling wasn’t brightest and he was fully focused on the slinging, so he was unprepared to any military force.

But those military forces were all fixed on Chris, who had not only a burning TC that needed constant reparation, but also archers wreaking havoc on his fragile economy. Luckily it was a sling game, so a part of Chris economy was actually out of reach.

It’s not my style to end a war story like this, but this is truly a rec you should see for yourself. Chris manages to keep his resources on an all-time low and makes incredibly cost-effective decisions the whole time. Aka, the least cost for the maximum amount of damage. Prime example was the castle he put up right after he went to the castle age to finally get rid of the Persian TC. Not that Huns would ever build a castle so fast otherwise, but here it was a master move.

Enjoy this AoClassic!

Recorded Game


Written by Cysion

  • Vertigo1899

    What a game!

  • truongzgiang


  • SalvadorAllende

    This one is awesome :D

  • BlanketPI

    It is interesting how this recording is an excellent one and yet, there is not much to say about it. I think it is curious that L_Clan_FurBy did a Town Center rush instead of a sling, too, (it hurts his economy and there is another player) though I suppose getting rid of the better player first is the strategy of choice. I guess getting a sling was to be expected, or else the Town Center rush would probably be a failure, considering it was not in the hands of a particularly skilled player. (He was better than me, though!)

    It was interesting to see L_Clan_Chris deal with that, a few archers as he struggles into the Castle Age and then a bunch of Knights pouring down on him as soon as he gets to the Castle Age. After a while, however, you just know that L_Clan_Chris is going to win, especially when he maxes his population. Before then, however, he was squeezed very tightly and it looked as though he was certain to lose, especially when Crossbowmen invaded L_Clan_Songo’s economy.

    I guess I would put it right under “I wah-wah-wah-wah-wonder” but the more players, the more potential action there is, anyway, so I suppose that that is an unfair comparison. This was a great find!

  • Skanderbeg

    Best game ever!

  • GntlMn

    This is amazing. :O Every second counts. xD Chris’s TC was almost destroyed, it was very close. :D
    On the West side of Chris: continous slaughtering.