Behind Enemy Lines


His only weapon is his will to survive.


  • Game Type: Random Map
  • Map: Black Forest
  • Players: GeeK + Ralber + Shah_Nadir vs Ruso_ + RuKie + Chero
  • Nicks in game: _ArtOfZilla + KuuZilla + ZealZilla vs ThuG_Ruso + ThuG_RuKie + ThuG_Chero
  • Civs: Mongols + Celts + Spanish vs Aztecs + Mongols + Spanish

War Story

Black Forest is often regarded as an “easy” map where players only have to wall, boom and destroy. But Aocbox wouldn’t be Aocbox if we couldn’t disprove that statement. Sure, BF is easy to wall, but also the only map to give such a false feeling of security. The secret to success lies in sneaking villagers behind enemy lines before he manages to wall his part of the woods off.

And obviously, that’s what happened in this game, but not by one player, but by two players. One on each team, to keep the odds even. Ruso did a very bold and showy sneak. It wasn’t really much of a sneak but more like some villagers walking in and yelling “here we are!” while wearing fluorescent shorts. GeeK had a much better run then by sneaking into Ruso’s base. Incidentally, Ruso was the pocket and GeeK a flank player, thus drastically shaking up the odds.

Both sneakers asked for a sling, Ruso pulled up barracks and monasteries, probably preparing for a sling straight to the Imperial Age, but this was planned outside GeeK’s knights that started to plunder and pillage Ruso’s hometown. Not only were both Ruso’s allies forced to wall and effectively separated from each other, preventing a trade line, but it also limited Ruso’s escape routes to zero. Ruso only had his two forward villagers left and had to build up a new town behind enemy lines.

In the meanwhile, the other players finished their boom and prepared armies to enter the battlefield. RuKie was the first one and his Mongol horde wreaked havoc on ZealZilla’s sleepy Spanish town. Even in such fashion that Ralber had to come and help him out and together they barely managed to beat RuKie back. Things only started to get worse when Chero retook the pocket position of Ruso, killed GeeK’s army and newly found economy and marched his paladins to the front lines.

In the meanwhile, Ruso was still trying to reboom behind enemy lines. I think Ruso deserves the prize for “cutest reboom ever”. His little town between two ponds could easily feature in a screenshot competition.

However, his luck was soon over, being a small Aztec village between two hostile empires is no more than a countdown to defeat. And this almost happened. Ruso was driven into a small corner and couldn’t do a thing. His villagers fought staunch but stood no chance and eventually he pulled back only 4 villagers behind a single wall next to his pond. Funny enough, this might have won Thug the game as Zilla started to lose faith against the combined forces of Chero and RuKie, not knowing that Ruso was only 4 villagers away from being defeated.

But the four villagers could not be found and even though they didn’t do a damn thing anymore, they probably did more psychological damage than any other unit in this classic match from WCL 3.

Recorded Game


Written by Cysion

  • Nappa

    I can totally understand Green’s frustration in the end there :P He probably would have destroyed Cyan but then it would have still been 1v1 with red and he would have most likely lost that anyway.

    It was an interesting game.

  • BoomRush

    I enjoy the site and would love to watch these games, however, I have a mac. Any ideas anyone? Bootcamp?

  • truongzgiang

    best game over

  • barbarossa89

    After watching it, I would note that Ruso in fact had five villagers, one of which was able to get back to his reclaimed base and rebuild.

    Still, he was effectively out of the game for military purposes.

  • Decoy

    oh yeah remember this one :) really nice with a bf rec in the box, and ofc it was jara who dug it up 11

  • barbarossa89

    This sort of thing happened to me once on Scattered islands, except I didn’t have any villagers left. I had four galleys (not even upgraded) which I sent to the four corners of the map to hide. Two of them died, but my allies won. I was Huns, so that was a disadvantage, and one of my allies was Chinese, which was a HUGE advantage.

  • Cysion

    Big thanks to Jaraldo for finding the rec!