Tiny Arena King of The Hill


Insane teamwork and a plethora of tactics. Not your everyday arena. Boomers not allowed!


  • Game Type: King of The Hill
  • Map: Arena
  • Number of players: 6-8
  • Map Size: Tiny (2 players)
  • Teams: Team Together, locked
  • Speed: Normal
  • Victory: King of The Hill


  • No Limitations


Civs with good castle units do best here. But because the game is so hectic a lot of tactics may work here. Compared to the usual arena, monks work less well here. Castles and imperial siege all the better. Due to the nature of the map, making a ranking of civs is nearly impossible.

1st tier

Hints & Tips

  • Resources: Hunt and sheep are extremely concentrated so it may be hard to see which belongs to who. Communicate with your allies so the resources get split up well!
  • Internal Walls: Internal walls between your allies may be more a curse than a blessing. Consider to tear down that wall.
  • Tactics: Anything can work. Because sometimes you are joint with your neighbour even a drush may work. A pocket FI may also work to get quick siege for enemy castles. And don’t forget mini slings!
  • Hectic:This game is extremely hectic. So don’t play it while stressed out, it’ll only make it worse.

Written by Cysion

  • Alexius

    So this is just game settings you suggest to play and test, not map you made?

    • Jaraldo

      It’s just settings yeah