Furor Hispanica


If there’s one cliche about girls with Hispanic blood, besides being hotties, then it’s that they’re furies. Even furious enough to beat the Furor Celtica.


  • Game Type: Random Map
  • Map: Arabia
  • Players: DreaIVIS vs L_Clan_Ruso_
  • Nicks in game: DreaIVIS vs L_Clan_Ruso_
  • Civs: Celts vs Spanish

War Story

Let’s kick of the story with an extract from the chat that took place before the game:

DreaIVIS: I wonder what you could do more lame
L_Clan_Ruso_: I can
L_Clan_Ruso_: trust
L_Clan_Ruso_: hf eg

Maybe Ruso saw this as a challenge, and indeed, he pulled of a nice one! The game started out rather standardized, Ruso had some luck in the Dark age by killing one of DreaIVIS’ villagers, but he then took the backbench. DreaIVIS went archers and tried to surround Ruso’s economy who defended accordingly by pulling back villagers and putting towers up. DreaIVIS couldn’t find a crack in Ruso’s defenses and kept running around with crossbows in the Castle age. Ruso now made his first military unit, a mangonel.

It must be noted that throughout the whole game, Ruso’s military population wouldn’t ever get higher than this: 1. But who needs an army when the creators of Age of Empires supplied the Spanish with a tech to represent their furious, passionate women? A click on the Supremacy button in Ruso’s castle, add some chemistry to the mix and you have mad guys ‘n gals spreading across the map erecting bombard towers all over the place.

Ruso’s Spanish blood was boiling more than enough to knock down the cold blooded Fin this game. Resulting in a classic game!

Recorded Game


Written by Cysion

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