Happy Birthday!

The Past

August 4, 2010 was the moment Aocbox officially went online. The initial concept was to share unusual settings to play the game. The settings subsection is still present, but is now grandly overshadowed by the articles and recorded games. All of which try to show the massive options you have whilst playing the game.

For those curious, how it was here exactly 1 year ago, it looked a bit like this:

Except that back in the days, there were only 3 menu items. And only 2 recorded games available for download. Today there are 135 recorded games waiting for you.

The Future

I have a lot of recorded games queued which will eventually end up on Aocbox. At least enough to round the summit of 200 recorded games. It just takes time to add all of them and currently I’m occupied by other things such as work and…. an extension to AoC.

Indeed, an extension to AoC. I don’t like to reveal too much details of the project yet, but it is supposed to become a MMO-world built around AoC. Since I’m just teasing you, I won’t reveal too much, but I can give you guys ‘n girls a first screenshot.

What do you see here? A part of a world map obviously. The castle is your personal capital city, the town hall is a town you can visit for quests and the huskarl is one of the quests you can play. Eager to know more? Patience! But at least you know I’m working on funky stuff ;)

Happy first birthday, Aocbox!

Written by Cysion

  • https://www.facebook.com/kunalkrishna85 tHe_VaGaBonD

    congrats Cys, though i m too late to wish

  • Alexius

    So much crap stories and themes are turned into MMO … the Middle Ages and AoC deserves it more than them!

  • http://clanmodd.motion-forum.net/ _MoDD_HaDeS

    Nice job cysi, Happy bday aocbox, oh and please cysi dont rape age series like aoe online did, make the MMO, bt dont make it like aoeo. please.

    • http://www.cysion.be Cysion

      Don’t make judgements beforehand please >_>

      • Chaotic

        Yus, don’t make judgements beforehand please. If we don’t like it, we can uninstall it anyway. XD

  • BokiSergy

    Congrats Cysion, happy b-day AOCBOX ;)

  • _MariaN_

    Cysion getting old 11111

    • _KillerBee_


  • KillerBee

    Happy Birthday Aocbox! Great work Cyson, lookng forward for the MMO.

  • Andy01

    Happy Birthday 1# AOC website. Can’t wait for the MMO you got going there .It sounds awesome and very creative.

    • https://www.facebook.com/kunalkrishna85 tHe_VaGaBonD

      I think best and most active site @AoC is AoCZone.net . Nevertheless, it is not any less than best. :P

      • https://www.facebook.com/kunalkrishna85 tHe_VaGaBonD

        <a href="http://www.aoczone.net/&quot; title= "AoCZone"

        • https://www.facebook.com/kunalkrishna85 tHe_VaGaBonD

  • AlexSupertramp

    happy birthday!im really looking foward to reading new articles of aocbox and the extension of Aoc ^^

  • Richard

    Nice to see where AoC-Box is today. Cysion, you have done a great job! I dont know how you have so much time to spend on AOC but I really appreciate it.

  • Hugo

    Happy birthday, probably my favourite site in the entire world!

  • Felox

    Just ask if you need help with anything

  • Felox

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattt?!??! Sounds pretty damn awsome