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Some empires expand, some empires decline, but only few stand the test of time.



It’s about time I opened a post with a quote of my own and here it is. Allow me to slightly modify the quote though: “Some sites expand, some sites decline, but only few stand the test of time”.

Before you start to worry, Aocbox will stay alive, up and running but at one point a site gets too big to run by yourself. We reached this point with Aocbox and so I’m officially looking for fellow staff members to contribute and work on the site.

Available Positions

Recorded Game Scavenger
Task: You look for good recorded games and report them to the staff. Technically every member can do this, but I’d like to stress the importance of this task and I shall also probably give out fun badges to people who help us finding exquisite records.
Requirements: A good eye for recorded games. Take a look at some games at Aocbox for reference.

Test: Send me some recs, at least one of them has to be box-worthy.

Recorded Game Poster
Task: You write up little articles to go with recorded games as seen in the “Recorded Games” section. You also find new recorded games to add.
Requirements: A good eye for recorded games, but also a writing style that pleases the eye. Any use of taunts is strictly prohibited and the use of smilies kept on a minimum :)

Test: Send me some recs, at least one of them has to be box-worthy. After that I would like to see you to come up with a little battle story.

Article Writer
Task: You write up large articles about certain aspects of the games. Conceptual writing or ideas and definitely no step-by-step guides for build orders.
Requirements: A keen understanding of the game mechanics and writing style that pleases the eye. Recorded games to back up articles keep everything fresh too.

Test: Imagine you’re writing another civweek. Pick one of the civs that aren’t talked about and write up a chapter about one of their unique units. So for example you could write up a little chapter about Mangudai, Berserks, Samurai, etc…

Task: You add new content to Aocbox, small fun articles, new maps, settings to play with or new training scenarios.
Requirements: A open mind and a refreshing view on the game. A good eye for thrilling content in other words. For the training scenarios: know he map editor inside-out.

Test: Impress me!

Conquista Mod
Task: You help maintaining Conquista. You write a weekly report on aoczone about the happenings, you filter out the best recorded games and help members who have problems with uploading their games. Opening up “Conquista gathering rooms” in GR and Voobly are also part of the task to help players find each other.
Requirements: An eye for good recorded games and a good reputation in the AoC community.

Task: All of the above but you will also have direct access to the Conquista server and database. You’ll enter new members and correct possible flaws in the database and analyzer. Other things like adding new badges or functionalities are an option in the future. You’ll have pretty much the same responsibilities and access like me (except some core issues).
Requirements: All of the above and a working knowledge of PHP, MySQL and WordPress.

You can apply in the comment box or by mailing me at cysion[(a)]gmail[(.)]com

Written by Cysion

  • Paintbrush

    i would like too be the Contributor :D i have a very open mind. I am quite creative and know pretty much eveything about aoe2 and have lots of time to think of ideas

    Plus i know the map editor quite well i just take my time on making things…

    • VaDeL

      Help, I can’t register because the site thinks I’m a robot o-o

      • http://www.cysion.be Cysion

        Sorry, should be fixed :)

  • Skanderbeg

    i could provide some recs but i need to know what kind of recs you want.

    btw more articles please :$

    • Jaraldo

      i could provide some recs but i need to know what kind of recs you want.
      Anything not already posted on aocbox. I think probably the hardest one to find is a 1v1(anything but bf,michi,arena;need an open map) where elephants results in a win. As for that, basically anything out of the ordinary.

      btw more articles please :$
      Atm, cysion is working on a special project so he is very busy :X. I suppose me and Marian could try to write one in the mean time 11. Any article you want in particular?

      • Skanderbeg

        the elephants rec would be awesome but almost imposible to pull of. on the top of my mind i have this game http://www.mrfixitonline.com/viewtopic.php?t=3783 i know it’s not something very out of the box but it’s the best comeback i have seen and the game is just fun to watch (at least for me)

        as for the article in don’t have any special request you guys just have to keep the good work :)

  • Tyty

    I would like to write articles. I am particulary good at writing articles about medieval wars and combats with a shade of story, pretty much like A song of fire and ice, but mixing with age of empires aspects, details and important things. I would like to give it a try. Where should I send my article if wrote ?

  • http://www.horseninja.blogspot.com Horse Ninja

    I will write something like lets see if this is ok? Every month i produce two articles on unique units that are misunderstood and civiliations that dont get enought attention?

    • Jaraldo

      Well articles on civs are already being done(civ weeks), but if you want to try writing about a civ not already done or a unique unit that would be great.

      Send to cysion@gmail.com for cysion to review

  • Vicktory

    anytime u need anything just ask

  • Hugo

    Is there any requirement for activity as an article writer? I would like to sign up for that spot. Im not really good at writing long and fleshy articles but I could give you some tips if you are out of ideas.

  • http://www.shithotel.co.cc/ Teddy

    PHP, fluently. And MySQL, too. Just for your reference one of my current works is included.

  • Calsino

    I would like to sign up for conquista mod. I am active on both Gameranger and Voobly. I am usually on throughout the day, so I can always be there to help people with problems they have with conquista, such as uploading their games and rules/issues with the tourney. I would say I am known well on GameRanger and I am becoming known on Voobly. I also enjoy helping out and helping people to the best of my abilities.

  • Richard

    It is very good to see that AoCBox has arrived to this point. Good job, Cysion. :) I wish good luck to everyone, who applies. I am sure this will make this site even more colourful and will show many new aspects of this game. :)

  • Andy01

    sounds interesting to write articles. i may ask if there is any permanent spots because i don’t feel as i could always writing but i could write a few time and again.

    • Andy01

      wait i mean non-permanent

      • http://www.cysion.be Cysion

        Yeah, there’s no activity requirement. I’m just looking for people who can contribute good stuff. If you only write up 1 thing every 2 months, I’m cool with it.

  • _MariaN_

    Everything else except admin. :D

  • Orthodox

    More civilization articles will appreciated..

  • Elite_PalaDiN

    oh I thought Article writers only need to write an article for a recorded game, but if you said write about anything this is pretty cool.

    • http://www.cysion.be Cysion

      Writing about recs is for the Recorded Games Posters ^^

      • Elite_PalaDiN

        then I want to opt for recorded game posters as well as article writer. I’d try my best and would hope not to let you and site down . ^^
        I’d start working on a project soon as soon as I obtain an innovatvie radical Idea.

      • http://www.cysion.be Cysion

        Okay, I encourage you to write me through mail then with whatever you come up with. I’ve added “tests” to each function too.

  • Elite_PalaDiN

    I want to sign up for Article Writer. When can I get my first Assignment.

    • http://www.cysion.be Cysion

      Well, all is about self-initiative. If you have a subject you think you can write an article about: feel free to do so. I’m not going to hire people blindly. Everyone can submit stuff and if it looks cool, I’ll upload it (with proper credit given of course).

      The point is I don’t wonna keep running everything myself, so other people will have to take initiative.