King of The Hill Tiny Team Islands


Taking the traditional grushgame to new heights by including coastal defense with the urge to hold the sea again.


  • Game Type: King of The Hill
  • Map: Team Islands
  • Number of players: 8! With fewer players the coasts are too far away from each other.
  • Map Size: Tiny (2 players)
  • Teams: Team Together, locked
  • Speed: Normal
  • Victory: King of The Hill


  • No Limitations


Not only naval civs are good at Tiny TI. Resource efficiency is also important, so Mayans, Chinese and Teutons come in the spotlight too.

1st tier

2nd tier

3rd tier

Hints & Tips

  • Scouting: The sea is very narrow so it’s easy to scout out enemy shorelines with only fisherboats.
  • Relics: If your gold is in the warzone then a small trickle of gold always comes in handy.
  • Naval Battle: Boats beat towers when massed, but towers can be built a lot earlier than boats! If you’re close enough to the enemy it may be worth a shot to do some kind of coastal trush instead of going to grush. You can always make docks later as your coastline will be protected already.
  • Coastal Defense: A Fast castle may be worth a shot as you can secure a large part of the coast with just a handful of castles. Remember however that boats may be able to kill your villagers before your castle is up!
  • Lay of the land: Keep an eye on the distances between coasts, especially to the center island. Having the best guarded coast isn’t worth a penny if you don’t control the center island.

Written by Cysion

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    Or you can just play Scatterd Ilands. 11