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13/08/2012 – New contents and plan for updates

After a lot of work, it is time to report on the current state of AocBox. We got a lots of games up to our sleeves, and hey, there are a bunch of civilisations without dedicated articles! As I want to see everyone is enjoying the site, I decided to make the progress more reliable and calculable from now on. You will receive updates two times a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Buckle up, we rev up the machine!

10/07/2012 – Back on track!

Well hey ho, look at that, we’re back in action. Well, more or less. I -Cysion- am still way too busy with the Expansion project, but in the meanwhile a lost son returned. GntlMn, a talented Hungarian writer who wrote articles for Aocbox in the past has been given the keys to the website, which he can now update to his liking. He has the Aocbox archive to choose from, so the standard for recorded games and articles is still as high as ever before. If not higher! Welcome back!

21/08/2011 – Forgotten Empires

Time to start some hyping!

Age of Empires II: Forgotten Empires

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04/08/2011 – Happy birthday, Aocbox!

Exactly 1 year ago, this site was launched, for more info and a little teaser, check out the article!

25/07/2011 – Behind the curtains

For those who are worried about Aocbox’ activity, fear not, because a lot is going on behind the curtains. The project I’m attempting to create is ambitious and maybe a bit over the top. I can only give out the concept for now: “the full AoC experience”. If you would have programming experience in Delphi or a good knowledge of the scenarios in the heavengames database. Don’t hesitate to contact me to help me out on this endeavor!

23/06/2011 – Hiring Staff

It has finally happened, we’re hiring staff to secure the future of Aocbox. Feel inspired? Take a look at the hiring staff topic!

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